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Quintrex ALUMINIUM 749KG ATM 13"


Hull Type

In Stock This Trailer designed for 3.1 - 4m boat As one of the smallest aluminium boat trailers on the market, you don’t need to compromise the quality of your tinnie boating package anymore! The aluminium frame is resilient to rust and corrosion, lightweight, tough and durable!

2021 Quintrex T ALLOY 1595 ATM S 14" SKID BRAKED


Length 6.4 meters
Hull Type
Year 2021

This Trailer This Trailer designed for a 5.1 mtr boat to 5.4mtr Built with durable aluminium which is more resilient to elements such as rust and corrosion, Quintrexs alloy trailer range has been proven to have a lifespan 3 times longer compared to their steel counterparts.


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