Quintrex Community Ride Day August 2021

Quintrex Community Ride Day

14th of August 2021

Get ready for Quintrex’s exclusive owner’s ride event. Join some of the marine industry’s greatest experts for a day out on the water alongside the all-new Quintrex 2021 lineup. Be a part of the convoy as we hit the water on Saturday the 14th of August.

Invite your friends, family and interested boaties to the afterparty with our community event, inclusive of food trucks, information sessions from Quintrex professionals and the opportunity to witness first-hand the new revolutionary 2021 Quintrex range.

Come and join the exclusive Quintrex owner’s convoy from 9am and have some fun on the water. Then from 10am there’ll be information sessions with Quinnie professionals (the right people to ask your boat questions), Special Guest appearances and the opportunity to see the newly released 2021 Quintrex lineup. Register your interest here.

For more information visit the Quintrex Facebook page.

Event Details: